Patient Testimonials

testimonials cornerstone pt
  • Nicki

  • I’ve been dealing with lower back pain for years now and I’ve gone to PT with no success. Recently I decided to give it another go, this time with Joe, and I can honestly say that what he’s taught me is the only thing that’s EVER relieved my pain. I highly recommend!

    Breshia W.

  • Wonderful experience at Cornerstone. Every PTA was great and listened to any questions or concerns, although I worked closely with Andrea this time around and we really got my functionality for day to day life back to where it was pre-surgery. Definitely recommend Cornerstone for any and all PT needs.

    Elissa C.

  • I had the BEST experience with cornerstone. I wish my insurance would have allowed for more appts because I probably needed a few more before I was ready for real life again but I LOVED every single therapy session because the people there were absolutely wonderful and I made great progress on healing my ankle and getting back to normal.

    Amanda S.

  • Susan

    I have enjoyed my physical therapy since day one. When I first started some exercised were rough, but once my session was done, I felt so much better. I also discovered muscles I never knew I had. I joined a gym, and now incorporate my P.T. in my gym routine.

    Joe has really helped me get through this painful plantar fasciitis. I have very little pain now. I got copies of my exercises to take home so I can continue my P.T. There are exercises that are rough on my hips from arthritis. I struggle with the eccentric heel raises, but I’m going to continue them.

    Best part of my P.T. is I feel better on my feet. Also the ICE machine is my favorite reward for each end of my therapy.

    I generally walk between 12,000 and 18,000 steps a day at work, so coming to P.T. after work gets me going for the rest of the evening.

    Thanks for all you have helped with with!

    Susan T.

  • I was referred to Cornerstone Physical Therapy by my surgeon following breast cancer treatment. I had significant neuropathy in both my hands and feet from the chemo medications, as well as general weakness and lack of stamina. In the course of six visits over three weeks, I could see a huge difference in the neuropathy in my hands, which we worked on first. I also had measurable improvements in strength. My insurance has approved some additional visits and we have begun working on my feet. I can’t wait to see the improvement in them as well!! The staff at Cornerstone are compassionate and knowledgeable. Not once have I felt like ‘just another job to do”. Not only do I get physical benefit from my time spent there, I actually enjoy myself!!

    Kim K.

  • The staff here is very positive and professional. They helped me with balance and walking. These are much improved. Without the therapy, I think I would have been unable to walk. The therapy has strengthened my muscles and joints. I am able to use my hands more effectively as a result of the therapy. In the beginning, I couldn’t even button up my clothes. Thank you for the assistance and the help provided. 

    Victoria T.

  • When I started PT, I had no energy. I couldn’t lift my right arm, and my hands/feet had a hard time with balance and gripping/opening hands. I believe everyone with breast cancer should have PT. I can lift my arm over my head now with no problems. My balancing, hands/feet are stronger. I can walk to and from my car without shortness of breath. I can watch my granddaughter again without falling asleep. I feel stronger and stronger every day. I am exercising now at home on my own and I’m feeling great! Thank you Andrea and Emily for everything!

    Joyce C.

  • Before starting PT, I was in constant pain from the middle of my back around to my chest. Every activity hurt, no matter how small the movement. Now after months of PT, there are no activities that I’m afraid to do. The pain in my back has basically disappeared. Even though I’m still tight under my arm, the pain is gone. It only appears when I overdo it. Before PT, I was constantly taking Ibuprofen to manage throughout the day. Now I haven’t needed any pain meds in about a month.

    Helen S.

  • Before I started PT, I was in continuous arm pain, was not able to sleep during nights, not able to lift my left hand, not able to wear tops which don’t open in front, and not able to work with my left hand. But after starting my PT, it helped me slowly get rid of pain, have a good night’s sleep, and no restriction on my arm movements. I am able to wear all kinds of cloths and most of all I got my confidence back. Thanks to Emily for all her help in this journey.

    Sangita P.

  • I was having lots of problems with my left knee and it was making it very hard for me to do daily activities. After going to Cornerstone PT, I have regained mobility. I am so happy that I found them.

  • Cornerstone PT is wonderful! I had a lot of excruciating back pain and ended up having back surgery. After that procedure, I did not start therapy. I just thought that I would never ever walk properly again. I found Cornerstone PT and I am so very thankful. I am back to over 85% of what I was before. I am so glad that I found them. Thank you!!


  • PT helped me so much. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable; they treat you safely and kindly. The flexibility of scheduling made it possible for me to get to PT. I even felt so great about their service I had them help my daughter with her PT. Wonderful physical therapists, I highly recommend them!

    Mary S.

  • Patrick and Libby were amazing. Very attentive and helpful to my therapy needs. Great atmosphere and facility, would highly recommend to anyone.

    Victoria M.

  • Great work done here! These guys know what’s up when it comes to your recovery! Inviting and comfortable atmosphere, smiling faces, and lots of knowledge! Thanks for such a great experience!❤

    Kelly B.

  • Cornerstone PT did an amazing job rehabbing an ongoing lower extremity issue where I experience pain on a daily basis. The issue was ongoing for almost a year and after 8 weeks of treatment, I have been able to function without pain. Thank you.

    Michael K.

  • After knee surgery, my doctor prescribed physical therapy to help me get my leg back into shape. The entire staff at Cornerstone Physical Therapy was extremely professional, personnel and friendly. They took ownership of my recovery and worked with my schedule to set up a treatment plan that enabled me to return to normal health. From in-office treatment to teaching and mentoring my exercises at home; the entire experience was amazing. If asked I would highly recommend the Gahanna Cornerstone to my family and friends. Thank you for such a positive and wonderful treatment plan.

    Melissa M.

  • Justin was attentive listening to my neck and vertigo concerns. He tailored my sessions to meet my physical needs. The therapists were all encouraging and helpful to my workouts. Friendly staff. When discharged, I have a home exercise program to continue on my path to recovery.

    Lynette J.

  • I had really bad feet pain and leg. I could barely get out of bed in the mornings. After 12 sessions, I feel great and am back on my feet. The staff is super friendly and Carmen and Jess are the best. They work with and even gave me extra advice for my daily routine to what shoes would help me. If you’re in pain and hurting I recommend this place fully. They really do care and want you to feel better.

    Constance D.

  • Through ASTYM therapy and exercise, they fixed my plantar fasciitis. I am able to get back on the pickleball court.

    Ken T.

  • Justin is amazing. I am so glad I found this place! Day 1 and my legs already feel better. Super excited to see my progression in the next several weeks!

    Mallory M.

  • Staff is great, very knowledgeable and attentive. I would highly recommend Cornerstone PT to anyone needing physical therapy!

    William L.

  • My experience with Cornerstone Physical Therapy was amazing! As a new patient at Cornerstone PT, I had difficulty climbing stairs, persistent pain in my ankle, and wore an ankle brace daily. After just 6 weeks of therapy, I’m back to normal activities and no longer have to wear my ankle brace. The staff is friendly, professional, and truly focused on helping their patients recover. I highly recommend Cornerstone for physical therapy needs.

    S. N.

  • I went to Cornerstone with significant shoulder pain. They were able to diagnose the issue develop a therapy plan that included 20 visits over a 7 week period. During that time I worked with all of the PT’s and assistants and found them to be among the most caring and professional medical personnel I have ever been associated with. They were always striving to ascertain how I was doing during the therapy process and what they could do to help. The best way to describe them is they are a family and when I walked in the door I became part of the family and they treated me that way. I can’t say enough good things about the experience. However, the best compliment I can give is that when my wife had shoulder surgery, I immediately referred her to Cornerstone for her therapy.

    Lawrence E.

  • Exceptional Staff – Carmen and Jess – they targeted my arthritic issues with my knee and helped me strengthened it with exercises and therapy. The therapy session is a positive and encouraging environment. Cornerstone PT is easy to schedule and access. I recommend this PT group to anyone needing rehab.

    Lynda P.

  • I went from excruciating pain and numbness in my neck, left shoulder, arm, and hand to having no numbness and being 95-100% pain-free by the completion of my therapy. Thank you, Ashley, for your patience and guidance through this terribly painful time, and for teaching me the exercises I can do at home, so that I can work on keeping the problems from returning.

    Tammy B.

  • Cornerstone PT is amazing. My daughter injured her back in softball. Trying to find a close to home physical therapy place where she had to be there 2-3x a week was a challenge, esp ones that work with kids and sports injuries. Well, I’m glad I found Cornerstone PT. Not only was the therapist knowledged with her injury they also knew the sport and how to help her in the present as well as the future. My daughter’s recovery was quick and painless thanks to them! I have already recommended Ashley to several people.

    Ash M.

  • I went to Cornerstone due to heel pain. Two cortisone shots from my podiatrist did not make it go away. After about 4 physical therapy visits the pain was 95% gone. The staff is very friendly. I highly recommend them. My only problem with the place (but not big enough to knock off a star) is that everyone in the waiting area can see what is going on in the “gym” area. Some of the exercises make you look a bit awkward or clumsy. I got over this pretty quickly but I think there would be plenty of people who might be bothered by this.

    Quaven M.

  • Very pleased with the services at Cornerstone. Ashley was wonderful and put up with my “indifference mood” to actually feeling better. The exercises she showed me along with the ASTYM was excellent and soon I began to find some relief. With 3 herniated discs in my back, complete healing was not a goal, but to just feel better and not be in so much neck pain was a relief. Unfortunately, my Medicare insurance did not pay much of the co-pay and due to financial reasons, I had to stop sooner than I would have wished. Nice job Ashley….You are a gem.

    Diane S.

  • I went there with a back injury due to powerlifting. The pain would get so bad I had to call off work because I could move my legs much because my nerve was getting pinched due to swelling. I went there and after a few weeks, the pain went away a little more each time until there wasn’t any. It was always fun talking to the staff and telling stories while getting better.

    Parker M.

  • Cornerstone Physical Therapy was incredible! I can finally take a natural step while walking and I have full range of motion. The unique ASTYM system of therapy made the difference. The staff is understanding, upbeat, and knowledgeable. I would recommend them wholeheartedly especially because you can schedule without a referral and pay a modest amount out of pocket to cover the treatment. With my insurance that was a great option.

    Lisa G.

  • “I recently had an injury at soccer that was very painful. I came to Cornerstone PT and they gave my techniques and exercises that have made me feel much better. Thank you Cornerstone Physical Therapy!”


  • “For many years I have been walking improperly. A year ago my right achilles started bothering me. When I was jogging on the treadmill my right ankle started to bother me, so I went to a foot doctor and saw her for over a year.  I didn’t feel like I was getting any better so I decided to change doctors. My new doctor took me in a completely different direction.  She sent me to physical therapy which was never brought up before. So she sent me to Cornerstone Physical Therapy. I cannot say enough great things about Justin, Craig & Amy. I went to physical therapy 12 times and when I was done I felt at least 95% better. I just wish I would have known about them a year earlier. So I highly recommend Cornerstone Physical Therapy to anyone with physical problems.  To Justin, Craig and Amy, thanks a million for what you did for me.”

    Kenny M.

  • cornerstone testimonial linda m.

    “Came in with a total knee replacement not being able to do much. I couldn’t even get a complete rotation on the bike. Today, being my last day, I can do everything I am used to doing. This is a great PT office! Anytime I or my husband need to have PT we will always use Cornerstone. Thank you all for your help!”

    Linda M.

  • “I had to have surgery for an ankle injury after a bad fall and I had my post-surgical rehab at Cornerstone PT. I am now back to my normal exercises with a full range of motion. I can even run again! Thanks to the team at Cornerstone PT!”


  • “I have seen a big improvement with my lower back after just 30 days of treatment. They care about you and trying to get you better. I recommend them to anyone needing this type of care!”

    Bill M.

  • A few years back, I made a decision to get healthy and start exercising on a regular basis. I ended up pushing myself a little too hard at the gym, and quickly discovered I needed help.  I turned to Justin and his staff at Cornerstone Physical Therapy for guidance and treatment of some very sore muscles.  Justin was patient with me and has helped me to recognize when to take it easy, and when to really give 110% with my workouts.  I still turn to Justin if I have any physical therapy needs, but thankfully I’m doing very well on my own and feel great.

    Niki Conrad

  • After 12 sessions at Cornerstone Physical Therapy, I’m finally getting a glimpse at the end of my misery. Physical Therapy, PT was the best thing that has happened to my back in 2 years. Funny I should say that, because 2 years ago, my doctor sent me to PT, at a different place, and it only made the sciatic nerve pain worse. Thus beginning the frustrating, time consuming, money wasting journey through medical and health insurance hell.

    6 steroid treatments later, along with 4 MRIs, X-rays, blood tests, all sorts of ineffective anti-inflammatory medications, 2 sessions of acupuncture, 9 visits to the chiropractor, ice and heat, massage, consultations with 2 separate surgeons, and finally surgery, to say nothing of the thousands of dollars, I’ve come full circle to physical therapy. Only this time, instead of increasing my pain, I’m actually feeling great at the end of each session. It’s hard work, waking up muscles that have gone into hiding for 2 years. But I have things to do. I have a beautiful tandem bike and a great friend ready to ride it with me, if the weather ever turns to spring.  I’m scheduled to go to The Seeing Eye in late May to train with a new dog. I’m planning the 15th annual Hen Hike for October. And maybe next winter I can get back on my skis! But first I must be diligent about my stretches, crunches, squats, toe rises, elastic bands, and weighted balls. For the first time in 2 years, I’m doing something for my back that I know is right. No more guess work. No more expensive pointless tests. No more postponements with doctors who are too busy to see me. No more fighting with health insurance. No more bad advice, no more rudeness and incompetence. How refreshing it is to feel confident that I am finally on the road to recovery. Thank you Justin and Craig for helping me turn the corner.

    Mary Hiland

  • tracy testimonials cornerstone

    My physician referred me to Cornerstone Physical Therapy for pain in my head, neck and shoulders. I have been dealing with neck and back pain for over 25 years and a dental procedure two years ago caused the addition of unbearable pain in my face, head and neck.

    As I have had unsuccessful experiences with physical therapy in the past, I was very apprehensive about going to Cornerstone. My doctor assured me that Justin would be open minded and that he would tailor a program specifically to my needs. Justin did exactly that! Craig, the therapist who worked with me, did an excellent job. I am amazed at the difference in my pain level. It is not completely gone (and probably never will be), but it is definitely much less than what it was before I started.

    I would highly recommend Cornerstone Physical Therapy. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional. Thank you Justin, Craig and Amy!

    Tracy Covone

  • Dr. Evan Stathulis cornerstone pt

    I have been referring patients to Justin Weisbrod for physical therapy for close to 10 years. I can say without hesitation that almost all of my patients have not only gotten better, but have enjoyed their physical therapy at his office. Many patients have thanked me for referring them to Cornerstone Physical Therapy. I can send him just about any musculoskeletal problem patient and they get better. He is my preferred physical therapist in the Columbus area.

    Dr. Evan Stathulis, M.D.

  • The reason I can walk without using a cane or a walker, is because of the great physical therapy from Cornerstone. Justin and Craig gave me a treatment plan that works well for me. I will not hesitate to refer patients to Cornerstone for care.

    Dr. Thomas D’Onofrio, D.O.

  • Dr. Scott D. Gurwin cornerstone pt

    In my 20 years of practice, physical therapy has played an integral role in the treatment of my patients. Justin and the staff at Cornerstone Physical Therapy have achieved outstanding outcomes with excellent patient feedback. The professionalism and the skill of Cornerstone Physical Therapy is routinely acknowledged as I perform my follow up examination after therapy.

    Dr. Scott D. Gurwin, D.P.M, FACFAS

  • dr cheryl weiner cornerstone pt

    I have had the privilege of working with Justin Weisbrod and Cornerstone Physical Therapy in Gahanna, OH for the past several years. I have referred many patients, family members and friends to Justin with consistently excellent results, both medically and from the stand point of patient satisfaction. Cornerstone is a first-class facility and I recommend Justin highly.

    Dr. Cheryl L. Weiner D.P.M