Surgical or Treatment-Related Recovery

Kim K.

I was referred to Cornerstone Physical Therapy by my surgeon following breast cancer treatment. I had significant neuropathy in both my hands and feet from the chemo medications, as well as general weakness and lack of stamina. In the course of six visits over three weeks, I could see a huge difference in the neuropathy in my hands, which we worked on first. I also had measurable improvements in strength. My insurance has approved some additional visits and we have begun working on my feet. I can’t wait to see the improvement in them as well!! The staff at Cornerstone are compassionate and knowledgeable. Not once have I felt like ‘just another job to do”. Not only do I get physical benefit from my time spent there, I actually enjoy myself!!

Victoria T.

The staff here is very positive and professional. They helped me with balance and walking. These are much improved. Without the therapy, I think I would have been unable to walk. The therapy has strengthened my muscles and joints. I am able to use my hands more effectively as a result of the therapy. In the beginning, I couldn’t even button up my clothes. Thank you for the assistance and the help provided.

Joyce C.

When I started PT, I had no energy. I couldn’t lift my right arm, and my hands/feet had a hard time with balance and gripping/opening hands. I believe everyone with breast cancer should have PT. I can lift my arm over my head now with no problems. My balancing, hands/feet are stronger. I can walk to and from my car without shortness of breath. I can watch my granddaughter again without falling asleep. I feel stronger and stronger every day. I am exercising now at home on my own and I’m feeling great! Thank you Andrea and Emily for everything!

Helen S.

Before starting PT, I was in constant pain from the middle of my back around to my chest. Every activity hurt, no matter how small the movement. Now after months of PT, there are no activities that I’m afraid to do. The pain in my back has basically disappeared. Even though I’m still tight under my arm, the pain is gone. It only appears when I overdo it. Before PT, I was constantly taking Ibuprofen to manage throughout the day. Now I haven’t needed any pain meds in about a month.

Sangita P.

Before I started PT, I was in continuous arm pain, was not able to sleep during nights, not able to lift my left hand, not able to wear tops which don’t open in front, and not able to work with my left hand. But after starting my PT, it helped me slowly get rid of pain, have a good night's sleep, and no restriction on my arm movements. I am able to wear all kinds of cloths and most of all I got my confidence back. Thanks to Emily for all her help in this journey.

Having cancer frequently involves a lot of change: There may be new medications, infusions, radiation treatments and tons of doctors visits. Treatment for cancer also frequently involves surgery. With everything happening all at once, you may not even realize just how much your body has been through, but it’s a lot! Contact Cornerstone Physical Therapy today!

Sometimes, either during or after treatment for cancer, a patient will report pain. Often these pains seem completely unrelated to your treatment, but they can be scary. It’s always a good idea to report any new pain to your doctor, but it’s actually pretty common for symptoms like these to be an indirect result of treatment. There’s research to support, for example, that abdominal surgeries will increase your risk for developing low back pain. Having a unilateral mastectomy also increases your back pain risk due to small but significant changes in your posture. Even a prolonged hospital stay can reduce your strength causing a flare-up of a chronic joint issue.

Our physical therapy team is familiar with these possibilities and will use your medical history and a physical examination to determine areas that need to be stretched, strengthened or otherwise addressed to help reverse the negative effects of cancer treatment as much as possible. For more details contact us today!