Post-mastectomy Pain Relief

The goal after a mastectomy is to return to as close to your prior level of function as possible. Unfortunately, oftentimes patients will experience pain that lasts long after they have “healed” from the actual surgery. This pain can occur in the arm, shoulder, neck, chest or breast (in patients with partial mastectomy). This pain is most commonly caused by muscle and/or tissue tightness changing a patient’s posture or the way they are moving the shoulder and neck. Cornerstone Physical Therapy’s team is trained in identifying areas of tightness and weakness specific to the post-mastectomy population and gently helping to restore normal motion. Our patients report improvements in pain, motion, and the ability to do all the activities they need and love to do.

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to post-mastectomy pain, but the biggest risk factors in developing pain are:

  • Number of lymph nodes removed
  • Having radiation and/or chemotherapy
  • Having a lot of pain immediately after surgery
  • Developing a post-surgical infection
  • Younger age (oftentimes younger patients need to return to a more strenuous lifestyle)

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