The Zangmeister Cancer Center

Cornerstone Physical Therapy - The Zangmeister Cancer Center has a highly experienced team of physical therapists who offer specialized treatment services for any pain, injury, or discomfort you may be feeling. Our patients have found high levels of success in our treatment services, due to our implementation of advanced technology and methods.

We use sophisticated diagnostic methods, such as movement investigation and gait analysis, to help determine which services you will benefit from most. At Cornerstone Physical Therapy - The Zangmeister Cancer Center, our thorough evaluations lead to successful treatment plans for your pain relief, healing, and future injury prevention needs.


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Columbus, OH 43219
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Business Hours

Monday to Friday : 8am – 5pm

  • Cancer Rehabilitation

    Cancer rehabilitation focuses on problems that patients often experience after treatment for cancer. There are over 12 million Cancer Survivors in the United States alone. Rehabilitation can help Cancer Survivors regain their function and enjoy life.

  • Lymphedema

    Lymphedema is a swelling that typically occurs in the upper or lower extremities, due to an excessive buildup of lymph fluid. Your lymphatic system is part of your circulatory system, and it is a network of vessels that carry lymph fluid towards the heart. The lymphatic system is an essential part of your immune and circulatory systems.

  • Oncology Rehabilitation

    Recent studies have shown that exercise is effective in preventing and reducing cancer related symptoms. No adverse effects from supervised exercise have been reported. Identified as remarkably underutilized, exercise is one of the few interventions suggested to diminish these symptoms and other psychosocial symptoms

What Our Clients Are Saying

I have had the privilege of working with Justin Weisbrod and Cornerstone Physical Therapy in Gahanna, OH for the past several years. I have referred many patients, family members and friends to Justin with consistently excellent results, both medically and from the stand point of patient satisfaction. Cornerstone is a first-class facility and I recommend Justin highly.

Dr. Cheryl L. Weiner D.P.M

I have been referring patients to Justin Weisbrod for physical therapy for close to 10 years. I can say without hesitation that almost all of my patients have not only gotten better, but have enjoyed their physical therapy at his office. Many patients have thanked me for referring them to Cornerstone Physical Therapy. I can send him just about any musculoskeletal problem patient and they get better. He is my preferred physical therapist in the Columbus area.

Dr. Evan Stathulis, M.D.

In my 20 years of practice, physical therapy has played an integral role in the treatment of my patients. Justin and the staff at Cornerstone Physical Therapy have achieved outstanding outcomes with excellent patient feedback. The professionalism and the skill of Cornerstone Physical Therapy is routinely acknowledged as I perform my follow up examination after therapy.

Dr. Scott D. Gurwin, D.P.M, FACFAS

The reason I can walk without using a cane or a walker, is because of the great physical therapy from Cornerstone. Justin and Craig gave me a treatment plan that works well for me. I will not hesitate to refer patients to Cornerstone for care.

Dr. Thomas D’Onofrio, D.O.


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